The World of Music - is only one petal in Life-Flower which we are fascinated by. Recently, during our usual daily run, we have felt the delightful flavour of another flower-petal. Since her first start 13 years ago with 2-3 kms every morning, Rageshri has run 20 marathons by now (42km 195m once or twice a year). Kushali has been running for about 10 years and has mastered over 15 marathons too. The philosophy we adhere to is the Philosophy of self-transcendence; so, in 2003 we participated in a 13-hour heat - "Self-Transcendence" in Moscow, which was organized by Sri Chinmoy Marathon team. We managed to cover the distancestep for step together, ran 80 km and occupied the 2nd  place in our age category.

We did not stop at that. In 2004 we participated in 6- and 10-days ultra-long distances in New York. At that time Kushali was the first runner from Ukraine and Rageshri was her helper, as she is a professional physician. In such a tandem Kushali succeeded to overcome234 miles, this is about 378 km.

The year of 2005 was marked by new achievements. Rageshri, having got a long-term experience as a helper on ultra runs (a few years she helped the best runner from Czekh on this distance) the Shvedovoy Flax), first stepped on a racecourse as a runner. For 6 days she managed - remaining happy and joyful all this time - 205 miles (about 330 km). Then Kushalitook her chance on 10 days and overshot the mark of 413 miles (about 665 km).

In the spring of 2006 on April, 26 - May, 6 we again took part in the long race in New York. It has already become a kind of our duet’s tradition. Kushali started on 10 days and successfully finished with a result of 403 miles. Rageshri participated in a 6-day marathonand beat her previous result of 40 miles – total 245 miles.

 In 2005 we participated in a relay-race around Ukraine - in World Harmony Run (the World Run for the Sake of Harmony).

One of the three branches was running from Uzhgorod to Kiev (in which we took part). The second - from the Crimea to Kiev, the third - from Donetsk to Kiev.

In Kiev all these branches met. There was a great holiday.

Near Mukachevo, on our way from Kiev, we were impressed noticing the mark of 665 km. The most interesting fact is that the Music of Soul -concentration on the sublime- helps to overcome this kind of distances.

In 2007 we again were on a route in New York. Kushali ran 400 miles for 10 days, and Rageshri - 230 miles for 6 days. In 2008 Kushali covered 407miles, Rageshri - 240miles. That was the first run after the founder of these races - Sri Chinmoy – had left His earthly life. All the participants claimed unanimously that they could clearly feel the same kind of inspiration and elation that they had felt in their Master’s presence.

We are also very inspired by the example of the the Marathon Team organizer - Sri Chinmoy, who, in spite of His 76, continued to take sports himself, in particular, weightlifting. You can learn more about the achievements of this athlete on His site:  www.SriChinmoy.org and the sites of His disciples.

To add, there is a person in Kiev who was the first from CIS countries to overcome an unimaginable distance of 3100 miles (5000 km) for 50 days; five times he has managed to doit. Read about him on: www.lebedev.org.ua


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